Craft Room Tour

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I thought it might be fun to show you all where I do all my creating at. I’ve just recently gone through and reorganized my craft space that also serves as my office and a guest bedroom should we ever have guests stay with us. I’ll share with you where I got a few of the items that I use to organize my space.


As I mentioned above I share my crafty space with our guest room. This is the fun colorful bedspread I had from before I got married. I love the banner that I just bought at Walmart for  less than $1! Adds a nice pop of color to the bare wall.


This picture is from right inside the door. The door to the room is on the left and the door on the right is for a small closet. Trust me you don’t want to see a picture of the inside of that closet as it is the one space in the room that has not been organized. This wonderful piece of furniture is a small cabinet that has an ironing board on the back.  We found it at a consignment sale and yes it already had the burn mark but I think it adds character. The picture hanging above it was a craft that the Hubby and EJ made for my second mother’s day. I believe she was just under a year and a half at the time.


Next to the closet I have my little sewing corner. You can see some toys that my daughter had in there by the sewing cabinet. My sewing cabinet is my favorite treasure in my craft room. My mom gave it to me and it had been her mom’s so it is a family heirloom. I have my Viking Angelica sewing machine on the cabinet that my mom also gave me when I really got into sewing. The little bowl holds my sewing pins and I glued a very strong magnet on the bottom.  You can see my new pegboard organization in this picture. I got the pegboard from Home depot and had it cut in half. Then I spray painted it green to go with the room. I have the other half hanging up in a nook  I will show you in another photo.


In the previous photo and this one you can see that I have a pack n play in my craft room for EV to keep her from getting into things that she shouldn’t if I need to have her with me. This bookshelf holds almost all of my fabric stash. I have some more in a bin under my cutting table. I really love using comic book  boards for making mini bolts of fabric. Its a great way to store fabric neatly.


Here is the little nook I was talking about. This is probably my most organized area of my craft room. I got all the green bins from the Dollar Tree. The bins on the top shelf are projects that are in process. As you can see all of them are full so that means I need to get busy. The next shelf down holds my hair thing making supplies. Below that are my yarns, knitting needles, and crochet hooks. As the weather gets colder I’ll be pulling those back out and hopefully adding a few crochet projects to the etsy shop.  The bottom two shelves are for my paper crafting/scrapbooking.  You can see on the right side I have another pegboard on this wall. It holds some tools and my current inventory for the etsy shop.


Here is a close up of that pegboard.


This table is the hub of the craft room. It’s where I do my measuring and cutting. I use my laptop here to edit pictures for the shop, write the blog posts and for all other office type responsibilities. Below this table I have my printers and a fabric scrap bin. You can see the Bulletin board I covered with fabric. I put up current orders that need to be fulfilled along with other reminders. If you have been to the shop you have seen it used as the background for the child’s apron listing.  It adds much needed organization and color to the room.

There you have it. The space and organization behind Kimmie Made. What are some of your favorite organizing techniques?

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DIY Care Bear Costume

title photo

Are you all ready for my first tutorial? I’m not very good at taking photos of my process when I create something but I am working on it. Please bear with me.  (See what I did there? BEAR with me?). Our oldest (EJ) is going as Grumpy Bear for Halloween. Her Mimi found her this costume online.


She is so stinking cute in it.  So her little sissy is going as a Care Bear too. Its hard to find Care bear costumes and especially for babies. Big sister also has a very specific request about which Care Bear EV goes as. She has to be the baby Care Bear, Wonderheart.  I didn’t know who the baby Care Bear was other than seeing the doll at the store. So for those who are like me and didn’t know who Wonderheart was here is a picture:

Cute, huh? I knew I was going to be making her a costume so I wanted to make it as easy on myself as I could. I found an outfit for $4/piece at Target that had a pink jacket and pink pants last month and bought them in a size bigger than she was in at the time. Then I bought some iron on transfer paper from Walmart.  I don’t know how the hubs did it but he found an image of Wonderheart’s belly badge on-line and with the magic of photo shop separated it into two pieces and made them the right size for EV’s jacket.


Then I printed it out on the transfer paper. (*Note: you will want to mirror or flip your image. We did not do this since our image was symmetrical and had no writing on it.) Once it was printed I cut right around the heart pieces and ironed them onto two separate pieces of white fabric to make the background of the belly badge.


After peeling off the paper backing from the image I folded the inside edges so there would be a nice seam and the edges of the images would line up. Then I traced a circle around them to create the shape for the belly badge.


Here is the part that gets tricky. I decided I would applique this to her jacket. One problem, I’m not great with a satin stitch….yet. I got better with it as I went but part of it looks really bad. You can totally see where I started to get better at it as I went. The left side looks way better than the right. This is a technique I will be working on as I would love to put up some appliqued items in my shop.


I also made her some really cute bear ear hair clips to go with it. I think it will be pretty cold on Halloween so I am probably going to try to make her a hat with bear ears instead. If I get that done I will post an update.


I’d love to hear from you. What are your kiddos going to be for Halloween?

Ya’ll don’t forget to check out my Facebook page where I am running a giveaway. After I get 100 likes one of my fans will get a bow of their choice. If you share the page you get double the entries!
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Weekend in Review

It was an incredibly busy weekend here.  Grammy took the girls to the pumpkin patch on Friday and let Mommy and Daddy tag along.  I put the ghost hair clip in EJ’s hair and put EV’s up in pigtails with 2 of the pumpkin clips.  They looked so cute and festive. 100_3892100_3888

Then on Saturday the Hubby had his Ride for Refuge to help support End Slavery TN.


And finally on Sunday the Hubs and I ran in the Color Run. It was so much fun! I would not recommend it for the serious runner because there were so many people who where just there to walk and have a good time that the path was bottle necked at times.  We ended up in trouble with the 3 year old because we came home so messy and she wanted to give us hugs but didn’t want to touch us.


When we weren’t out and about I worked on the child sized aprons for the shop. They are done and listed in the shop. Here is one picture of them to view others check out the listing here. While you are there check out the rest of the shop. If you are local don’t forget you can use the code LOCALPICKUP to take the shipping fees off your order.


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A Week of Firsts

I thought the theme of “firsts” would be great for this post considering it’s my first one on this blog. I am starting this blog as a way to help build my business and so that you can get a feel for the person and heart behind it. I plan to update at least once a week with new projects or products for the shop and to give you a glimpse at what’s going on around here.

For those who don’t know me yet: Hi! My name is Kim. I love to craft and have for years. I first started really sewing and learning that I was pretty good at it 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. For this blog we will call her “EJ”. I decided that we would be using cloth diapers, but we didn’t have much money at the time to build up a stash before baby was born. After doing research on the Web I learned that I could sew my own liners for our cloth diapers. Easy enough; just a rectangle with nothing to sew but straight lines. After a few dozen of those I was ready for a challenge and wanted to try my hand at sewing a doll. Here is a pic of my first doll that I sewed for EJ before I even knew she was going to be a girl.


My love for sewing quickly grew into a love for crafting in general. This time two years ago, we were starting the process of adoption and we needed to come up with fundraisers. I had the idea to make ribbon hair bows and sell them at a local consignment sale. We made a party out of making the bows and I entered them in the sale. I learned from that experience that I really enjoy making hair bows and hair clips.


Two years later, our girls are now 3 ½ (EJ) and 7 ½ months (EV). I have finally started the business I have been dreaming about for years and actually started planning in Fall of 2011. My hope is that this business will allow me to continue to be a stay-at-home mom and to homeschool our girls. So the firsts this week are as follows:

I finally set up the Kimmie Made facebook page. 


EV’s first tooth broke the gum with the second closely following:


     The opening of the Kimmie Made Etsy shop.


Today I had the privilege of teaching my first sewing lesson to a local homeschooler,


and I sent off my first custom order for an Apron with a ruffle detail.


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