A Week of Firsts

I thought the theme of “firsts” would be great for this post considering it’s my first one on this blog. I am starting this blog as a way to help build my business and so that you can get a feel for the person and heart behind it. I plan to update at least once a week with new projects or products for the shop and to give you a glimpse at what’s going on around here.

For those who don’t know me yet: Hi! My name is Kim. I love to craft and have for years. I first started really sewing and learning that I was pretty good at it 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. For this blog we will call her “EJ”. I decided that we would be using cloth diapers, but we didn’t have much money at the time to build up a stash before baby was born. After doing research on the Web I learned that I could sew my own liners for our cloth diapers. Easy enough; just a rectangle with nothing to sew but straight lines. After a few dozen of those I was ready for a challenge and wanted to try my hand at sewing a doll. Here is a pic of my first doll that I sewed for EJ before I even knew she was going to be a girl.


My love for sewing quickly grew into a love for crafting in general. This time two years ago, we were starting the process of adoption and we needed to come up with fundraisers. I had the idea to make ribbon hair bows and sell them at a local consignment sale. We made a party out of making the bows and I entered them in the sale. I learned from that experience that I really enjoy making hair bows and hair clips.


Two years later, our girls are now 3 ½ (EJ) and 7 ½ months (EV). I have finally started the business I have been dreaming about for years and actually started planning in Fall of 2011. My hope is that this business will allow me to continue to be a stay-at-home mom and to homeschool our girls. So the firsts this week are as follows:

I finally set up the Kimmie Made facebook page. 


EV’s first tooth broke the gum with the second closely following:


     The opening of the Kimmie Made Etsy shop.


Today I had the privilege of teaching my first sewing lesson to a local homeschooler,


and I sent off my first custom order for an Apron with a ruffle detail.



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